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Thursday, October 13, 2005


The truth is you Get out what You Put In

The deadliest killer of an internet business and how to tackle it

Copyright © 2005 Robert Evans

There's a killer on the loose and it might just be heading to YOUR internet business.
Believe me, this is not a hoax. It's real, and extremely deadly.
Even as I write this, it may already be moving in your direction. Already it has destroyed thousands of internet businesses, many of them even before they have had a chance to get going.
It's a dream shatterer.

I have been targeted many times myself, but somehow I have always managed to thwart it, otherwise you would not be reading this now and none of my web sites would exist. I would not have created any products and would not have been able to help the hundreds of people who have asked my advice over the years. In short, I would be out of business.

To my knowledge there is only ONE thing that can stop this killer dead in it's tracks.

Do you know what this deadly assassin is?

It's INERTIA. Merriam-Webster Dictionary (http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/thesaurus?book=Thesaurus&va=inertia) definition: an inclination not to do work or engage in activities

Could also be described as laziness.

Yes, this is the biggest threat to your internet business.
And the one thing that can cure it is ACTION.
If you do nothing, day after day, to get your business off the ground, or to move it forward to the next level, then you might as well not bother.

We all have setbacks. We all come across new material, new ways of doing things almost on a daily basis. The key is to not give up at the first hurdle.
I've even come across people who think they can achieve nothing simply because they can't copy and paste. For every piece of advice, or instruction that you give many of these people, the reply almost always begins with: "But I can't..."
No wonder they don't get anywhere and just chase their tails all over the internet looking for "get-rich-quick-without-doing-anything" schemes.
And if you don't know how to do something but you know it can be done, and you want to be able to do it yourself, then simply learn how to do it and then get on and do it.

Being successful is all down to the application of knowledge. Sure, other factors do play a role, such as timing and luck, but mostly your success will be down to getting something done.
When I bought my first computer I had absolutely no idea how it worked. I could switch it on and that was about it.

When I first got on the internet I had no idea what I was doing. I could search for something on Google and that was about it.

I can now fix many computer problems
I can now build web sites, work with CGI and PHP scripts, do copy writing, create ebooks and many other things

I can do these things because I experimented, I did research and I studied how others were doing them. Why? Because I wanted my internet business to evolve and be successful.

The deadliest threat to the achievement of your personal dreams stems from you. It manifests itself as inertia.

The solution to this threat also stems from you. It manifests itself as action.

Take action immediately to help eradicate this threat. Make sure you do something every day to move your business forward. And you will find yourself taking great leaps toward your ultimate goal.

Bob Evans has been doing business online since 2000. He strongly believes that if you don't apply yourself and get things done then you will never be successful. His marketing action plan is very easy to apply, develop and adapt to almost any internet business.

# posted by TheRaven @ 8:45 a.m.
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